SaltAire is to be our home AND our ministry.  Our vision is for SaltAire to be a  place where ministers and their families can come for  rejuvenation and contemplation, slowing down to pause and reflect, and spending time with God and His creation in the rural Northern Neck of Virginia.  In addition to ministerial staff we also plan to open our home to families of cancer patients as a safe oasis where they and their loved ones can come and have free use of the kitchen, a refrigerator for their own special food needs and full use of the house for a break from the stress they have been under as they support and care for their loved ones battling the disease.

We are hoping the rhythmic lapping (or pounding depending on the weather) of the waves, the diverse wildlife and water fowl, the lighthouse winking at them each night and the slow place of the Northern Neck and especially Ophelia will be a tonic and a sanctuary, soothing tensions and allowing all of them to relax fully and reconnect to what is important in life.