SaltAire began as a yearning to put our love of God and our desire to be by the water together in a ministry to others that see themselves as soujouners here on earth.  The yearning eventually became a dream and the dream is slowly showing signs of becoming a reality.

We’ve always wanted to be on the water and have always been drawn to the Chesapeake Bay area.  We had a home near Reedville from 2000- 2004 and have always wanted to return after we left.  And we’ve always felt in our hearts that if we had another place here it would have to be something that we shared with others.

Most houses on the water have names so of course ours had to have one.  We knew it had to be something to reflect our hope and dream for the property.   Salt was chosen as part of the name as a nod to the need to maintain our “saltiness” by drawing aside in quiteness for reflection and meditation.  Plus, when the wind is right you can smell the salt in the air here.   Aire (an obsolete but lovely spelling for air) was chosen because of the invigorating breezes coming off the Chesapeake Bay carrying that salty smell  and because it reminds us that God is the very air we breathe and we acknowledge that it is the breath of the Almighty that continues to give us life and sustain us.

Another reason we felt the property was right for our home and our hoped for ministry, was the view of the lighthouse.    Lighthouses have held many people’s imaginations over the years as beacons of hope and just as Jesus is our hope and our light, we are called as believers in the Gospel to attempt to live as a beacon of that hope and light.

In 2017 we began our search for land or a house on the water in earnest in Mathews County with a lot that had a view of New Point Comfort Lighthouse.  The price was reasonable  but it would have cost a great deal of money to build on and maintain because it was in a flood zone, it was on a private road so that would be a maintenance issue, it had a huge amount of shoreline and much of it required stabilization, and to clear and get a driveway into it, would cost a fortune.  We ended our search at a lot, with a view of Smith Point Lighthouse,  that had to be cleared and that needed significant hardening of the shoreline.  BUT it was not in a flood zone, it was on a state maintained road,  and it won’t need a half of mile of driveway.  Plus, it felt like “home” from the beginning.

We started with the right idea,  we were just about 60 miles south of where we were supposed to be.  But now we’re “home”.