A Redefined Vision

After being here 2+ years, we realize that our vision for SaltAire needs further clarification. We’re currently reexamining it and listening.

That’s one of the “things” about visions. They need to be constantly refocused, and realigned with life and reality. We need to dream big but be ready to modify those dreams as God allows and directs though stirrings and life events. Nothing in this life is static. We live in a temporal world, fluctuating between new life and decay. Nothing stays the same or lasts forever but what decays frequently bring forth new life of some kind. Currently we only have the seed and the soil. It remains to be seen what form the new life will take and become.

Accordingly we’re in the process of redesigning the site. Stay tuned.

We’re getting so close to the finish!

We’re getting CLOSER!  The interior painting is finished and all of the flooring is down, the hearth has been tiled and the wall behind the wood stove has the shake up and it’s all painted. The front porch and screened porch cement has been poured and it’s walkable. Once that was done they were able to finish the Hardie siding on that area of the house. And the butler’s pantry cabinets are up as are the laundry cabinets.  Yay!  So that leaves:

  1. The finish work for the electrician (tying into the breaker box, hooking up the outlets and switches, and installing the lighting and fans;
  2. The finish work for the plumber (connecting to the well, the septic and plumbing/installing the sinks, toilets, dishwasher, and the hot water heater);
  3. The connecting of the gas backup on the HVAC and the tankless hot water heater to the LP tank outside (There’s a LONG story on this that I may write about later.);
  4. Framing and screening the screened porch;   
  5. Building the front steps;
  6. Installing all of the door knobs and locks;
  7. Getting the appliances in and installed;
  8. Hanging the mirrors, and other bathroom accessories;
  9. Installing the closet shelves and clothing hangers;
  10. Building the pantry shelves;
  11. Installing the solar shades;
  12. Getting the final driveway installed (We have a rough one in but it needs finishing.).

Below are some pictures of the progress on the stove/heart/wall area. The remaining item to be completed is the trim around the edge of the heart. We’ll be staining it with Minwax Penetrating Stain in their Weathered Oak color.

The kitchen cafe doors and ship lap went up this week. The hardware was installed on everything except doors that have replacements coming. Unfortunately shipping can take such a toll on some things and our cabinet doors was one of them. And the crowning touch for the end of 2018 – the appliances are being delivered on New Year’s Eve. I’m SO excited!

Kitchen Countertops Installed

One of the areas we planned to splurge a little on this building project was our kitchen countertops.  I’d always had laminate and can honestly say I liked it and never had any issues with it.  I’ve always loved the look of granite but just wasn’t willing to open my wallet for it.  But for this house, with that view, well we felt it definitely needed granite.   Since I love white kitchens, I was tentatively leaning toward a white’ish countertop.  But when I saw this Sienna River slab I knew it was the piece I wanted.  I loved the veining that reminded me of the beach at waters’ edge with it’s ripples, different colors and various sizes of pebbles mixed in.  

Jim’s Cabinet Creations in White Stone was highly recommended by our neighbors Nathan and Sue.  We had frequently admired their beautiful countertops that Jim’s had done for them and knew Jim’s was the company we wanted to use if they fell in our price range.  Thankfully they did and I have to report that they were also very accommodating, easy to work with and showed up when they said they would.  We’ve found that’s not always the case when dealing with the service industry.   Their granite supplier, Classic Granite and Marble in Midlothian, VA was also very accommodating and prompt.  And we’re so happy with the finished product!   Here’s a few pictures.  The lighting isn’t the best but you get the idea. 


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but seriously, so much of watching your house being build is very exciting but just not picture worthy.  Walls and mechanical things such as HVACs and plumbing pipes just don’t inspire me to write and the pictures I took all looked pretty much the same.   I thought that once the walls were primed I could take some pictures but white walls are well, white walls.  But FINALLY after a tremendous amount of work has been done we’ve finally arrived at the point that it’s all coming together quickly and I’ll have more to post!    

Currently the builder is finishing the painting.  They’ve done the ceilings (white), the trim work (white), the bedrooms (Benjamin Moore – Smoke) and the bathrooms (Benjamin Moore Hawthorn Yellow).  That leaves the bulk of the downstairs, the stairwell,  the upstairs hallway, and the upstairs gathering area (Benjamin Moore – Metropolitan) .

The HVAC is in with the exception of the propane tank for the downstairs backup system.  That’s scheduled for  next Friday.  In the interim, Barry got the wood stove hooked up so that’s going now.  For those of you who know my husband, you know that was one of the top priorities on his list.  He’s over there right now relaxing in front of it, happily watching the flames while I sit in this drafty RV working on this.

The kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are in, and the counter and vanities were  templated this past Tuesday.    Hopefully we’ll have them installed by the 18th at the latest.  The drawer pulls need to be installed and the drawers and cabinet doors adjusted along with other minor things still need to be done, but that will come later in the process.

Once the builder finishes the painting, the things that still need to be done are (in no particular order) :  the butler pantry and laundry room cabinets will be installed, the front and screened porch floor will be poured, the front steps will be constructed, the  Hardie siding around the porches will be finished, the screened porch will be screened, the hearth and the Hardi shake wall behind it  will  be done, the reverse osmosis filtering system will be installed,  the flooring will be put down, the stairs will be stained and finished, the electrician and plumber will come back to do their finish work, the bathroom accessories (towel holders, mirrors, etc.) will be installed, the appliances will be installed, the shiplap in the kitchen will be put up and the whole house fan will be installed.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something but that’s enough for now.

Oh, and we had the house sign made.  Now to get the driveway and front landscaped area done so we can install it.  Nothing like getting the horse before the cart, right?

Some pictures of the progress:


On the Personal Side

When we moved here we weren’t really sure what we find other than knowing we’d always enjoyed this area as a place to vacation and retreat to as children and also as adults.  We knew it was rural.  But we’ve found it to be much  more rural than Rice which was, to our mind, pretty rural.

Across the street from our house is an older home surrounded by fields.  This past summer it was planted with soy beans.  We’d often see the deer lounging in it, munching to their hearts content.  The first month here we startled two bucks that were sleeping in one of the fields on our morning walk with the dogs.  They jumped up and warily watched us as we continued on our way and only left when we returned and got a little to close.  I’ve seen bald eagles in that same field as well as families of turkeys.  Now that it’s almost winter and the leaves have dropped, we can see the sun actually setting through the trees.  In the summer we can only see the effect it has on the clouds unless we walk or bike over to Jetty’s Reach and watch it over the Little Wicomico.  But both are lovely.  On the bay side of the house, the sunrises are normally very impressive!  But the sunsets can also be lovely as the clouds over the bay react to the setting sun.  

I don’t normally carry my phone everywhere I go but I may start so I can capture things such as that when I see them.  Here’s a few I was able to grab my phone in time to capture:

Cheers!  Enjoy your weekend!


A Lot is Happening

There’s been A LOT going on since my last post!  Unfortunately when I took pictures it just looked like a bunch of framed walls, plumbing and ductwork.  Nothing that pictures show real well and nothing that most people would be excited about.  BUT WE ARE!   Seriously, the pictures really just didn’t do it justice.  

Since my last post the plumber has finished his rough-in, the HAC people have finished their rough in and hopefully the electrician will be here this week to start his rough-in.   The Northern Neck Electric Co-Op rep met with us today and staked out the route for getting power to the house.  Unfortunately we’re going to have to move the trailer for that to happen but fortunately our neighbor Nate said he’d help us.  

The builder has started putting up the Hardie siding and it is looking SO-O-O-O good!  The color is Light Mist and depending on the sunlight it can look light gray or a a very pale blue-gray.   Barry had asked for wide trim and I’m so glad he did.  It looks fantastic!  I can’t say enough good things about Custom Touch Builders.  They are doing such a great job with this building and the siding work is beautiful!  Many of our neighbors have stopped to comment on the builder’s attention to detail and several people have stopped to get his number. 

Here are the pictures from today of the siding work.