A Redefined Vision

After being here 2+ years, we realize that our vision for SaltAire needs further clarification. We’re currently reexamining it and listening.

That’s one of the “things” about visions. They need to be constantly refocused, and realigned with life and reality. We need to dream big but be ready to modify those dreams as God allows and directs though stirrings and life events. Nothing in this life is static. We live in a temporal world, fluctuating between new life and decay. Nothing stays the same or lasts forever but what decays frequently bring forth new life of some kind. Currently we only have the seed and the soil. It remains to be seen what form the new life will take and become.

Accordingly we’re in the process of redesigning the site. Stay tuned.

A Break in the Weather

During the Christmas and New Year holidays along with wonderful visits with family and friends, we’ve had several gorgeous days that were warm with gentle breezes that literally pulled you outside. We couldn’t wait to walk around the neighborhood. Jetty’s Reach has roads that are wide and not heavily travelled and they’re great for bike riding or walking. Plus the Kohl’s Island Reserve is just about a quarter mile from our house and has a beach that is several miles long and great to walk on if you’re so inclined. I absolutely LOVE spending time there looking for washed up treasures on the beach. The reserve is part of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF), Virginia’s leader in land conservation.

Unfortunately the day we walked the Reserve’s beach I didn’t have my phone with me. I was only thinking about enjoying the fresh air and the beach, not posting on my blog. Those that know me know that I’m not one that carries my phone around with me a lot. But I’m turning over a new leaf in 2019 because here in the Northern Neck there seems to always be something I want to take a picture of. This area has such lovely water views, animals, interesting homes and people that I think I’m going to turn into one of those people whose phone never leaves their side.

Rainy Monday Morning

IMG_1123It has been raining since sometime last night and the weather forecast is calling for over 3 inches today.  Honey Bee’s expression pretty much sums it up.  We’re spending a lot of time making calls, doing administrative work, and catching up on reading.  Trying to make good use of this “down time”.  The week’s weather forecast doesn’t look good for getting the foundation started but time will tell.  If something does happen we’ll post pictures.


Shoreline Hardening

Water is relentless.  And the constant pounding of the bay’s waves, even though they aren’t as big as the ocean’s, is still destructive to shorelines.  Our lot is just a little over 3 acres but less than  40 years ago it extended into the bay the length of 2 football fields according to the locals that are old enough to remember.  That is what the erosive power of the bay’s waves and the storms that whip them up can do to a shoreline.  Because of this many people “harden” their shoreline.   Hardening can be done with concrete, lumber, or stone.  We chose stone because even though it doesn’t look natural to see large stones at the beach it’s the more natural of the three and typically works the best. Before we had our shoreline hardened  it was a tangled mess of downed trees laying in the water and their roots exposed.  Here’s a few pictures of the mess before the hardening:

And here’s the finished hardening shortly after completion in May 2018.


And this is the same view after a storm 2 months later.   Notice how the sand has begun to fill in around the spur and somewhat protecting and building up the beach.   This is why shorelines are hardened.   And even though it was a terrible drain on our financial resources, each time I notice how the beach is filling back in it’s paying me back – tiny grains of sand to the dollar, but paying me back none the less.

The week of July 26, 2018