Dried In

What a difference a few days and a lot of work makes in what the house looks like!  They have gotten all of the windows and all but one door set.  If that door wasn’t on backorder it would be in also.  Having doors and windows makes all the difference in it “feeling” like a house for me.

In addition to the windows and doors, the builder has set the tubs and showers and framed in the arches in preparation for the sheet rock.  He also made a  couple of tweaks to the original floor plan that greatly improved the traffic flow and overall sense of space and made this future homeowner much happier.  Even though I worked hard to visualize the space when looking at floor plans, some things you just cannot “see” until you are standing in the room and thinking through how it is going to be used.   That happened for me in the laundry room.  Once the walls were up, it just felt too tight and it was obvious the door was going to be in the way regardless of what we did with it.  He recommended we change to a pocket door which will greatly improve the usability of the room but still give us the ability to close it off when using the washer and dryer.  He also moved a wall in the butler’s pantry  to give me more space for the freezer.  Then he made the laundry room larger by moving the wall in the master bath making use of some empty space we had based on our shower selection.   It’s wonderful to have a builder that sees each home he builds as a reflection on himself instead of just another “job” and is willing to “work” with the homeowner .  I cannot say enough good things about Custom Touch Builders and wholeheartedly recommend them.