The Tar Paper is on the Roof

By 8:00 this morning we had a bee hive of activity here!  They got the roof finished and the tar paper put on the roof, the “eyebrow” completed and the roof framed for the mud room entrance.  The window in the hallway was framed, the stairs measured for and ordered and we also got our driveway culvert put in!   It’s pretty amazing that a month ago the only thing on this lot was an RV and we now have this much done!

After everyone left, we scurried over to check it out.  It actually feels like a house now with all the roofs on throughout the house.  We left to walk the dogs and when we came back it was dusk.  After putting the dogs in the fence we went back over and stood in the various rooms looking out to see what it would look like once it’s finished.   It really “feels” like a house now.   As to the view,  we were amazed at the channel markers and other lights other than the lighthouse that we could see.  I think the higher elevation of the house is what makes the difference.

Today’s Human Interest:

This morning I got up early because I wanted to go out to the “point” with my coffee to watch the sun come up.  Saturday morning was a gorgeous pink as it broke the horizon and maintained that color all the way up past the point where you could see the whole shimmering orb.   One day I’ll get a picture and post it here.  But that wasn’t going to happen today.  Partly because I didn’t take my camera but mostly because the clouds were thick and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

But I did find quite a bit to reward me for my early rising.  I sat down, kicked my sandals off,  and planted my feet firmly on the still moist grass, took a good sip of brew and just sat back and closed my eyes and listened.  The wind was blowing quite a bit.  The waves were crashing on the shoreline and the shells and rocks in the water created a hissing sound as each wave retreated back into the bay .  The waves on the bay aren’t nearly as large as the ocean’s but they still sound impressive.  Overhead I could hear the osprey calling to each other as they crisscrossed the shoreline looking for breakfast for themselves and their young who were hovering nearby, crying to be fed.   I opened my eyes and was able to count 12 of them.  Perhaps these were the two families with nests near our lot that we had watched feed their young this past May.

It was mesmerizing to  watch the clouds rolls and swirl above rushing towards me,  running from the north-easterly wind blowing from the bay.   I could easily have sat there for hours, just listening and watching those clouds and scanning the waves in the hopes of spotting a school of dolphins.  It was calming and grounding and I didn’t want to leave but there were things to do, and my coffee needed refilling, so leave I did.  But not without promising myself that I’d try to make starting my day with coffee AND watching the sun rise,  a more regular occurrence.