The Trusses Are Set

Friday was a bee hive of activity here.  The builder and the framing crew arrived around eight and the crane to help set the trusses and to load the shower  and tubs arrived at nine.  Being one that is a little unsettled by loud noises I retreated to the RV but not Barry.  Never one to miss a good show, he set his lawn chair out under the shade where he had a good view of the whole affair.

I would check the progress from time to time from my limited view in the RV.  During one peek I noticed that the crane operator and the builder had headsets on so they could talk with each other.  The builder was upstairs in the second floor directing the crane operator’s positioning of everything.  The framing crew was working on securing the trusses and whatever else has to be done (that I know nothing about so I won’t even TRY to talk about it).    I’m sure for seasoned construction crews all that was going on would be old hat; but for me – it was all pretty impressive.   I wanted to take pictures of them working to be able to post here but have never felt it was right to take pictures of people without them knowing it or without their permission.  And I certainly wasn’t going to interrupt their work!

Many of our neighbors are really enjoying watching the progress as they take their daily walks or bike rides each day.  Many have stopped to talk with us and all remark on the progress the builder is making.   We’re definitely impressed also – with the progress yes, but more importantly, with him as a builder.

I also finally braved climbing that extension ladder to the second floor to check it out and take a picture of the view from upstairs.    Looking at it, I’m anxious for Fall to arrive so we can start trying to get some grass to grow.