Framing Materials Delivered

Early this morning the truck arrived with the framing materials and the builder called this evening to let use know the framing crews will be here tomorrow.  Things are off to a good start!  Hopefully the momentum will continue.’


Today’s human interest:

This evening I stopped on the way home to take a few picture of the large maple tree in Ophelia’s front yard.  I’ve been admiring the tree and particularly the trunk each day we walk by.   The leaf canopy is huge and there’s one small branch that has started turning a beautiful reddish orange.  A fall teaser for a Fall aficionado like myself.

But the trunk is beautiful!  It swirls and twists like the red coloring on a peppermint stick.    It’s branches are open and form a bowl like section where they sprout from the truck.  It looks like it must be at least 100 years old.  Each day I stop and just admire it and look forward to Fall.