Signing Day

It’s been a long road from actually placing a contract on the lot to signing a contract with a builder to build a house.  In a lot of ways it a good thing because closing down a farm is a very complicated business.   From the initial effort of leveraging the farm house to purchase the lot to finding a place for all of our “stuff” since we’ll be living in an RV during the construction, it’s been overwhelming.  But we’re finally here.  The contract is signed and the house is staked out and we’re in the RV.  Along with our two dogs and our cat.    Now we wait for the digging of the footers and the pouring of them.  Once that is completed and we get the driveway put in we can get our 911 number!  And then, we can get an address!  Sounds like a little thing but oh the things you cannot get without an address.  I won’t go into it here because it will sound like whining but suffice to say you’d be surprised.

We are also supposed to get our well this coming week!  What a delight!  We are very, very grateful to our kind neighbors for allowing us to hook up to their outside water bib but having our own water source will also be a great blessing.

Of course both of these may be affected by the weather.  It’s been dry and hot the last two weeks and this coming week is suppose to be wet.  Please be praying with us that there will be enough non-rain days to allow both of these to proceed.  We’ve been waiting since April for the well.  Needless to say our well driller is very much in demand.

Barry has been looking at boats and the dogs have been adjusting to their reduced acreage, and  I took a break and visited my sister in Wilmington for the weekend.

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