A Redefined Vision

After being here 2+ years, we realize that our vision for SaltAire needs further clarification. We’re currently reexamining it and listening.

That’s one of the “things” about visions. They need to be constantly refocused, and realigned with life and reality. We need to dream big but be ready to modify those dreams as God allows and directs though stirrings and life events. Nothing in this life is static. We live in a temporal world, fluctuating between new life and decay. Nothing stays the same or lasts forever but what decays frequently bring forth new life of some kind. Currently we only have the seed and the soil. It remains to be seen what form the new life will take and become.

Accordingly we’re in the process of redesigning the site. Stay tuned.


May it be a place where friends, family, and neighbors GATHER,

Where PEACE grows as surely as weeds, 

Where those in need of a ‘HOME’ will find one, and 

Where the weary might come for a day, or even a season, of  REST.

Adapted for SaltAire’s vision from an excerpt from Christie Purifoy’s book

“Placemaker –

Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace”

Recent Sunrise
Day Sailer close to shore

A Break in the Weather

During the Christmas and New Year holidays along with wonderful visits with family and friends, we’ve had several gorgeous days that were warm with gentle breezes that literally pulled you outside. We couldn’t wait to walk around the neighborhood. Jetty’s Reach has roads that are wide and not heavily travelled and they’re great for bike riding or walking. Plus the Kohl’s Island Reserve is just about a quarter mile from our house and has a beach that is several miles long and great to walk on if you’re so inclined. I absolutely LOVE spending time there looking for washed up treasures on the beach. The reserve is part of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF), Virginia’s leader in land conservation.

Unfortunately the day we walked the Reserve’s beach I didn’t have my phone with me. I was only thinking about enjoying the fresh air and the beach, not posting on my blog. Those that know me know that I’m not one that carries my phone around with me a lot. But I’m turning over a new leaf in 2019 because here in the Northern Neck there seems to always be something I want to take a picture of. This area has such lovely water views, animals, interesting homes and people that I think I’m going to turn into one of those people whose phone never leaves their side.

We’re getting so close to the finish!

We’re getting CLOSER!  The interior painting is finished and all of the flooring is down, the hearth has been tiled and the wall behind the wood stove has the shake up and it’s all painted. The front porch and screened porch cement has been poured and it’s walkable. Once that was done they were able to finish the Hardie siding on that area of the house. And the butler’s pantry cabinets are up as are the laundry cabinets.  Yay!  So that leaves:

  1. The finish work for the electrician (tying into the breaker box, hooking up the outlets and switches, and installing the lighting and fans;
  2. The finish work for the plumber (connecting to the well, the septic and plumbing/installing the sinks, toilets, dishwasher, and the hot water heater);
  3. The connecting of the gas backup on the HVAC and the tankless hot water heater to the LP tank outside (There’s a LONG story on this that I may write about later.);
  4. Framing and screening the screened porch;   
  5. Building the front steps;
  6. Installing all of the door knobs and locks;
  7. Getting the appliances in and installed;
  8. Hanging the mirrors, and other bathroom accessories;
  9. Installing the closet shelves and clothing hangers;
  10. Building the pantry shelves;
  11. Installing the solar shades;
  12. Getting the final driveway installed (We have a rough one in but it needs finishing.).

Below are some pictures of the progress on the stove/heart/wall area. The remaining item to be completed is the trim around the edge of the heart. We’ll be staining it with Minwax Penetrating Stain in their Weathered Oak color.

The kitchen cafe doors and ship lap went up this week. The hardware was installed on everything except doors that have replacements coming. Unfortunately shipping can take such a toll on some things and our cabinet doors was one of them. And the crowning touch for the end of 2018 – the appliances are being delivered on New Year’s Eve. I’m SO excited!

Kitchen Countertops Installed

One of the areas we planned to splurge a little on this building project was our kitchen countertops.  I’d always had laminate and can honestly say I liked it and never had any issues with it.  I’ve always loved the look of granite but just wasn’t willing to open my wallet for it.  But for this house, with that view, well we felt it definitely needed granite.   Since I love white kitchens, I was tentatively leaning toward a white’ish countertop.  But when I saw this Sienna River slab I knew it was the piece I wanted.  I loved the veining that reminded me of the beach at waters’ edge with it’s ripples, different colors and various sizes of pebbles mixed in.  

Jim’s Cabinet Creations in White Stone was highly recommended by our neighbors Nathan and Sue.  We had frequently admired their beautiful countertops that Jim’s had done for them and knew Jim’s was the company we wanted to use if they fell in our price range.  Thankfully they did and I have to report that they were also very accommodating, easy to work with and showed up when they said they would.  We’ve found that’s not always the case when dealing with the service industry.   Their granite supplier, Classic Granite and Marble in Midlothian, VA was also very accommodating and prompt.  And we’re so happy with the finished product!   Here’s a few pictures.  The lighting isn’t the best but you get the idea.