May it be a place where friends, family, and neighbors GATHER, Where PEACE grows as surely as weeds,  Where those in need of a ‘HOME’ will find one, and  Where the weary might come for a day, or even a season, of  REST. Adapted for SaltAire's vision from an excerpt from Christie Purifoy's book "Placemaker … Continue reading SaltAire


I know it's been a while since I've posted but seriously, so much of watching your house being build is very exciting but just not picture worthy.  Walls and mechanical things such as HVACs and plumbing pipes just don't inspire me to write and the pictures I took all looked pretty much the same.   … Continue reading Progress

Dried In

What a difference a few days and a lot of work makes in what the house looks like!  They have gotten all of the windows and all but one door set.  If that door wasn't on backorder it would be in also.  Having doors and windows makes all the difference in it "feeling" like a … Continue reading Dried In